EEEK! My very first blog post!

Holy moly you guys, its my very first blog post. Let me preface this by saying, I have no idea what I’m doing. But as my favorite podcast/podcast host once said – You don’t have to be perfect, just f*cking do things! (My Favorite Murder/Georgia Hardstark.)

So, this post isn’t going to have any recipes on it, it’s more about what to expect, what my hopes and goals for this site are, and a little bit about me!

Food is my love language. I love cooking for people, I love cooking and eating all types of food. I love food shows. I love cookbooks. Okay, I think you get the point. So my goal here is to share that love with all of you guys! I get asked all the time for recipes for things I make and post and while you could say my cooking style is mostly winging it, I have been trying to get better about writing out recipes and remembering measurements. I have attempted to start this blog several times over the years, and I actually have 2 other draft versions in this WordPress account from attempts I made over the years. I always would get anxiety and tell myself I couldn’t do it. So years later, I’m pushing that anxiety to the side and going for it!

Im excited your here and for you to see what I have in store!



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